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Top Marketing Trends for 2015

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I was honored to be asked by Rich Klicki, Director of Content Development for the Daily Herald’s Business Ledger, my opinion on what the marketing trends are, to watch out for, in 2015.

The Questions

Q: What will “dominate” business this year?

A: Online marketing

The quest for thought leadership is taking shape as content marketing is gaining adoption. The delivery of content is taking a “write once, share many” approach leveraging integrated marketing encompassing blogs, email, social  networking, PR and search engine marketing!

We are finally getting to the point that B2B is catching up to B2C in the online space. Greater is the understanding that there is not one silver bullet (like email alone) but rather a series of shots that allows you to reach a diverse group of decision makers.

The unlikeliest people are expanding their online presence tweeting, posting on LinkedIn, even podcasting! At this point in our history we have decision makers that range from their twenties to their seventies with a wide degree of technology comfort level and we need to be able to reach them all.

Q: What tech will be “the one to watch?”

A: CRM and Marketing Automation Software

CRM and Marketing Automation software is the “one to watch AND embrace” in 2015. The value of these tool lies in the mechanism to capture leads from online properties and nurture them through an automated series of events. Properly rolled out, these tools allow marketers to track data to see where traffic is coming from and provide a mechanism to convert to a sale!

Enterprise solutions such as HubSpot, Marketo and Pardot are now finding competition with more affordable options such as Hatchbuck and InfusionSoft as well as unlikely competitors like MailChimp as they increase automation functionality and integrate quite well with CRMs like SalesForce.

Write Once, Share Many

If you are a friend of Red Caffeine you will see this story EVERYWHERE!  Following our “Write Once, Share Many” philosophy to leverage content we have shared it on Facebook, Tweeted (a bunch of times), posted it on LinkedIn and it is featured here on our Blog and in our monthly email communication The Red Letter!

Integrated Infographic

Call to Action

Sharing is great – but closing the loop is even better. Remember that once you’ve shared content, you want to drive them back to you! Provide avenues to bring them back to your website or online properties to keep the communication flowing!

Have a different idea on technologies and trends to watch this year? Comment below or let me know on Twitter or LinkedIn!

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