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Pitch Perfect: Part 1 – Getting Someone Else to Sing Your Praises

Pitch Perfect PR Public Relations Marketing

When we say we want “some PR,” what do we mean?

PR is simply one more tool in your marketing toolbox. Yes, your sales team and marketing messages are (hopefully) singing to everyone who will listen. But you also want others outside your organization singing your praises — so you can benefit from the credibility boost that a third-party’s spotlight provides.

And, while it’s certainly cause for celebration if your company gets a mention in the Wall Street Journal or a plug on The Today Show (provided it’s not negative), it pays to have a more holistic view of “PR.”

Why? Because the channels are vast, particularly today in the digital age. You want to be sure you’re part of the conversation wherever your customers and prospects gather — whether it’s online, offline, face-to-face, or virtually.

Three PR channels you need to be working:

Media: Mainstream and Trade

Where do your customers and prospects go for information specific to their work? Which publications do they read, blogs do they follow, and e-newsletters do they receive?

Sure, you can invest in advertising (“paid media”), but wouldn’t you like to be included in the “editorial” coverage — perceived as more elusive and also known as “earned” media. For example:

– A profile written about your company

– An opinion piece authored by your CEO

– One of your staff quoted as an “expert” in an article about a timely industry topic

Social Media Influencers

Are your customers and prospects active on social media? If so, it could be impactful for them to see your company featured on their favorite industry blog, or a guest post by someone from your company.

Industry Associations

Associations are often great content publishers and producers. Trade shows, conferences, webinars, and other media & events … these are common efforts for industry associations. As a result, they offer opportunities to speak, have your company featured in publications and on their web site, underwrite industry studies, and sponsor events. Plus, the association PR team will always be looking for ways to share how their organization benefits members.

Your Turn:

So how do you secure this kind of exposure? Watch for my next blog post about developing relationships and creating the perfect PR pitch.



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