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The first man walked straight ahead.
  The first two yellow wolves retreated. It’s a bit of a vacancy in the heart of this retreat. He began to walk bigger, fast and violent, and the footsteps shook with fine sand and stones falling off the cliff. The wolves stared at him, and the prince went to a narrow place like the mouth of the ditch. He glanced at the cliffs on both sides of the ditch, and the prince did not leave. The lord chose the two-step wide ditch, knowing that the group of yellow wolves did not pass through the ditch neck, could not get around him and surrounded him, and stood in the middle of the ditch neck.
  The rest is right.
  The prince drank a stomach water, and the hunger and thirst were suppressed by the spring water. He thought that if I stood in the neck of the ditch, I wouldn’t fall down, maybe I could walk out of the ditch alive. 070-346The sun finally collected its red. The evening came as expected, and the sky in the ditch looked like the body of the yellow wolf. Silence made a subtle noise in the dusk and began to descend from the gully. The first master counted, and those who did not understand the grandfather’s calm yellow wolf, the total of nine, three big, four and the size of the blind dog, and two seem to be the embarrassment of the year.
  The first man stood there like a tree planted there.
  The green eyes of the wolves are in the eyes, and the round beads are hanging in the air. The dead silence is like the black mountains on the heads of the princes and wolves. The first master does not move. The lord no longer made a little noise. The wolves seem to understand that the first master was so swift, just to seize the neck of the ditch, there was a call from the old wolf. Then the wolves came to the prince again. 74-343The prince stood in front of the hook in his hand.
  The wolves have set aside.
  Seven or eight steps away from each other, by the last brightness before dusk, the first man saw that one of the three old wolves was in the middle of the wolves, and the left ear was missing a tooth and his legs were awkward. The prince began to look at it. You, me, I have been deadlocked for a while, and it turned out that the old wolf had a low-mute one, and the wolves began to walk toward the first master. When the remaining five steps and six steps were far and near, the first master shook the hook in the air, holding his hands tightly, aiming at the middle of the wolves and aiming at the head of the wolf king.
  The wolves have once again set.
  The first master stared at the wolf king, and Yu Guang swept the wolves. Among the nine wolves, the first grandfather saw that the brightest wolf eyes were not the three old wolves, nor the four half-big wolves, but the two little wolves who walked in the forefront and walked in the middle for a while. They have a bright gaze, a layer of water in the sun, and a layer of panic and panic in the light. From time to time they turned to look at the Wolf King. 70-414From time to time, the Wolf King sends out some blue-red calls that only they understand. The last bright color before dusk faded, and the darkness was covered from the top of the head. The wolf eyes flashed in the darkness of a pool of light. There was a wolf’s green scent coming from the mouth of the ditch. This taste is different from the smell of the mouse, it is light but very clear, not as strong and sticky as the smell of the rat. The first man thought of the jade, and thought that the dry spots on the jade might have covered the leaves, and it might have spread to the stalk of the jade. The prince thought, as long as it is not dyed to the stalk heart, as long as the top of the jade is still green, it can be saved. When the first man thought about it, he heard a scream from the wolf king’s green skin. He licked his body and slammed his eyes. He said to himself, except for the wolves, you can’t think about it anymore, and think you are going to die. In this group of wolves. Fortunately, the first man thought of it.
  At the time, the green eyes of the wolves could not be seen. When the wolf king yelled, the wolves had to move forward, the first lord waved the hook, and the sound of the hook hit the cliff, passed coldly, and the wolves moved forward one step further. Backed back.
  The stalemate was like a hanging bridge on the eyes of the prince and the wolf king. Every time they blinked, the stalemate swayed and made some shocking sounds. The prince couldn’t see where the wolf was. He stared at the green-eyed wolf’s eyes and did not move. 070-413As long as the green beads had a movement, he shook out some of the sounds and forced the green beads back. . Time and silence of the old cow pull the car as it looks, slow and slow in the stalemate, rolling the will of the prince to go. The moon came out, and it was as round as the wolf’s eyes, not fifteen or sixteen. In the breezy style, the prince felt a creepy crawl on his back. He knew that his back was sweating. He felt the acid on his leg and the tingling thorns were immersing in his upper body. The stalemate is consuming several times more than the tiredness of the past. He really wants to see the wolves. Because the silk is standing still and standing down, even if they move, the activities and muscles will do. But the wolves did not. They form a fan shape and stare at the prince in five or six steps, such as a lot of wind and rain. The prince heard the squeaking snoring of their eyes, and saw the thin hair on their backs in the wind with a blazing fire. My lord thought, can I hold them? The prince said, you must die if you die.

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