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Manufacturing Going Mobile

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manufacturing-going-mobileThere’s been a lot of talk lately about manufacturing going mobile and towards the cloud with all the benefits that it brings to the industry. So, what tools are the most useful and what exactly do they do?

Before I talk about the specific tools to help manufacturing, why should manufacturing even go mobile and into the cloud? Turns out there are a few astronomical reasons why manufacturing should. The biggest reason is that everything is still on paper and spreadsheets!

What could happen to a business, with everything on paper, if there was a natural disaster such as a tornado or a fire? It could go under.

With all that sensitive client information on paper, it’ll be a difficult conversation with clients admitting to have lost all their information and you need it again.

Lifting into the cloud through mobile devices would be a practical and intelligent choice to protecting sensitive data.

Don’t be afraid of the cloud; it’s not as bad as a lot of people think. What is the cloud? It’s nothing more of a marketing term to make it seem like a magical place. In reality, it’s an off-site location that’s been optimized to store and protect data.

Keeping information stored off site could be a scary thought for companies that aren’t used to storing things on technology, but it could be safer than paper. Computer hackers and viruses can be prevented but a natural disaster cannot.

Companies that offer cloud services typically have hackers and computer science geniuses on staff to fight the very same type of people trying to breach data. Chances are, it’s probably safer going the route of the cloud rather than trying to hire a small staff to try and do the same work.

So what mobile tools are out there that could make manufacturing more efficient and still keep all the data safe in the cloud?

Here are a few:

Quality Control – TrackWise Mobile by Sparta Systems

TrackWise is an analytical tool that lets a manufacturer look at several different aspects of their inventory. It looks at quality trends, supplier trends, likelihood of component failures, likelihood of product recalls, complaint volumes for a new product launch, and a few other operations. All in all, it’s one of the top quality management softwares out there for mobile devices.

Inventory Management – Hand by @Hand

Hand Field Mobility applications actually have quite the array of abilities. It ranges from tracking work orders to asset tracking. It even allows the user to manage delivery routes. This is a great tool because it allows for data tracking in every step of the supply chain process. It stores the data in the cloud and is easily accessible when trying to look at historical data trends.

So there are a few more tools out there, but based on competitive research, these are two validated tools that could drastically help manufacturers with inventory management and quality control.

Disclaimer: I don’t have personal experience using these apps in a manufacturing setting, but I’ve done research on the functionality and reliability of these tools by looking at the information these companies have published as well as the forums reviewing these tools.

Are you using any tools that are comparable or one I didn’t mention? Follow me on LinkedIn and Twitter to comment or simply reply in the comment section below!

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