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It’s Never Too Late to Celebrate!

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It's Never Too Late - The Perfect Blend

Warning: The following content may not be appropriate for people who don’t like to have fun.

Corporate culture is certainly broader than the social aspect­­, but the social aspect is our favorite! We always celebrate our Christmas Holiday Party in January since December is always a crazy month for us. For this year’s Christmas celebration, we decided to explore the MB Financial Park in Rosemont where we had dinner at Fogo De Chao (yum!), followed by a night of dancing. We know our partying threshold, so we spent the night (or a few hours) at Aloft!

Why is socializing together so important to us?

The question is—why not!? Taking time to socialize on a more personal level always brings more joy to the work we do. Being personally connected is a key way to manage frustrations that naturally occur during stressful times in the office.

How important is culture fit?

It’s so important that it’s one of our core values:

      #9 – We are intentional in our partnerships.

Partnerships reflect our staff as well as our clients.

  • Our hiring process now includes a rating on culture fit. We are a team of 15, so there is no room for egos, whining, or hand-holding. It is crucial that personalities mesh. Just today we had a second interview for a role. Both were fine candidates—one with perhaps a little more skill—but the other seemed to be a better fit for our culture. As a team we unanimously agreed that anything lacking in skill could be learned.
  • We are now in a position to be more selective with the clients we take on. It is imperative that if we are to represent a client, that both parties complement each other’s personality, ethics, vision, and goals. The end result? We essentially become an extended marketing and/or technology department to our clients.

Party On Garth!

Here is a glimpse of how we celebrated!

Kathy, Jack, and Julie

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