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The Segmentor – It All Starts With A List

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Odds are that small to mid-size businesses don’t have their own marketing teams and along with that, they likely don’t have a clean and updated contact list of clients and prospects.

We all have the data in a myriad of places. It could be stored in a CRM, an ERP system, various spreadsheets, or it all could even just be business cards laying in a drawer somewhere.

For those of you that are not using a CRM, the marketing savants at Red Caffeine has created The Segmentor. The Segmentor is a tool that’s going to help formulate the data into a list that’s going to do several things:

  1. It’s going to help evaluate the landscape with the existing clients
  2. Help analyze prospective opportunities and where they fall in the sales pipeline
  3. Support the sales efforts by helping generate actionable reports.
  4. Organize the data if you ever chose to utilize a CRM

Simply put, it’s a tool that’s going to rock your socks off! It’s fairly simple to use and the first step to getting start is just admitting that you have a problem.

Start gathering and organizing contacts into the Segmentor. Take the time to populate the relevant data that will allow to identify trends such as market or service concentration. Also be clear to segment according to title and industry in order to provide more targeted communications.

Figure out what’s most important to those different segments and communicate the various value propositions to those different segments.

Download The Segmentor here.

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