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Filtering the Brand Experience – Phase 2

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This is phase 2 of a 2-part blog article. To read phase 1, click here!

At this point we have entered the client’s mind and extracted those thoughts and ideas flowing through their heads of how they want their brand to look. The FILTERED EXPERIENCE determines whether it will have sharp edges, serif or san serif type, or if the client is partial to blue. It is time to begin the development of the logo(s).


Sketching out designs for a logo can be an overwhelming task with so many ideas and directions. Luckily we have a list of “YAYs” and “NAYs” from our client to help create a clear direction. In tandem with a designer sketching out the first ideas of a logo, there is a writer working on the brand story. These two must work together, otherwise you might have a logo that says edgy and aggressive, and a brand story that describes a friendly caretaker. In order to keep these two on the same page, we develop an archetype for the brand. If there are two brands, in the case of U.S. Minerals and Black Diamond, we create two archetypes. This is essentially the glue that keeps it all together.

It’s crucial to keep the brand story and logo development in line with:

  • Brand personality
  • Demographics
  • End user relation to product/service


Once the designer and writer are on the same page, the logo development can move forward by working on multiple sketches and jotting down every idea that comes to mind.

Design elements to consider in a logo:

  • Lines/Angles
  • Typography
  • Negative Space
  • Heavy/Light Weight, Lines/Type
  • Circle/Square/Triangle
  • Text W/ Icon
  • Icon as Logo
  • Text as Logo


In the case of U.S. Minerals’ product, Black Diamond, we constructed these logos in a way that they could relate to each other. The house of the U.S. Minerals logo, was built in the same proportions and way that the diamond of Black Diamond was constructed. So when these are together, they can easily be related to each other. Although, we made sure that each brand could hold up on it’s own.

The Red Caffeine team will continue to go through a couple of rounds of revisions until both parties settle on a logo(s) that represent the brand the best way and will hold up for a substantial amount of time. This is when we get to take the logo into the next step, applying color and building supporting brand elements. That takes us into Phase 3.

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