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Designer Specs: The Corporate Snapshot

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If you picked up the phone to call a brand new prospective client/customer with only time to explain your company in two sentences or less, could you do it?

Many of us can talk about our company in many paragraphs and it shows in the extensive “About Us” pages on our websites. But how much information does your prospect really want to know?

We’re submerged in a culture where people won’t wait more than 5 seconds for a webpage to load before we abandon it*, and most, if not all, content out there is being skimmed instead of fully read.

The challenge comes in when a sentence or two has to be able to convey what an entire company is about. Just know that it can be done!

Less is More

As marketers, we have to be tactical about what is the most important information we want to share in the shortest amount of words. I had a professor back in art school that branded our brains with the phrase “less is more.” It sounds so cliché, but I have to stop and remind myself that less is more all the time when designing projects today.

The Corporate Snapshot

The corporate snapshot essentially gives a sample of who your company is, what you do and whom you do it for. So when I was given the task to design Red Caffeine a corporate snapshot, I put “less is more” to the test.

There was a lot of content ground to cover and I had one 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper to do it on. While good, concise content is given, it has to be presented in an easily digestible format to hook prospective clients — and it’s got to have some flava.

Front and Center

Make sure your company logo is at the top of the front page of your corporate snapshot. The viewer’s eye will start from the top right-hand side of the page, and that logo being there will be retained as the “who we are” before the content written about it will be. While on the backside, the logo should be reiterated at the bottom of the page alongside contact information. Always treat a two-sided piece of paper as having the possibility of only being viewed on one side, which means your company logo should appear on both sides of the corporate snapshot.

The Harmony of Iconography, Photography and Text

When designing a corporate snapshot, use icons as an illustrative representation of an idea. They can highlight and/or complement an important piece of content and also aid in breaking up large areas of content for more digestible viewing. Think to yourself, “do I need to talk about my service/product/process, or could I represent it through iconography?” The same thing works for photography.

Photographs should portray products, services and culture. Stay away from using stock photography as it loses integrity. The corporate snapshot should be the most important place to show real products and real people. Keep photography personable.

When placing in text, practice “header, sub-header, body text.” Headers are big, bold, and help to break up the content into key sections and help hone down the overall messaging of the corporate snapshot. Sub-headers go one more step to break up the content within each header’s section. Finally, body copy is what you really want to say, but in no more than a few sentences at most. Bullet points are also a great visual break for long lists within paragraphs. Overall, text needs to be placed in bite-size pieces in order for the reader to digest.

So whether you are designing, writing, or just conceptualizing your corporate snapshot, keep all of the above material in mind. As marketers, we need to work smarter, not harder.

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