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How Can Storytelling Connect You to Your Prospects?

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I was recently asked, “How can storytelling connect you to your prospects?” The funny thing is, this question exactly speaks to our mission statement:

We believe our client’s stories deserve to be told, heard and loved.

To us, storytelling is not just about “telling.” It’s also about how it’s told, connecting with the message, and spreading the word.


A common pain point for our clients is that they are “the best-kept secret” in their industry. Being a secret is NOT the secret sauce to earning new business. Everyone has a story. It’s your job to tell it.

We’ve learned that your story can be your differentiator. However, often, teams do not take the time to think about how they tell their story — not to mention the problems they have solved for clients and the consistency across team members.

Ask yourself, “What contributes to the story that you tell?”


God bless if you have documented your brand story as well as the problems you solve for your clients — but who has heard it and what parts of the story are resonating? Sometimes it is shared via email to current clients, less often is it shared to prospects, or on websites and social platforms.

A statement frequently shared in our office is “write once and repurpose many.” Tell your story and then share, share, share. You can modify the message to best fit the communication channel and audience, but the point is to get more people to hear your story.

Ask yourself, “How are they hearing it and are they connecting?”


How do you know your story is loved? Advocacy. You’ve succeeded at brand awareness when others are telling your story on your behalf.

Storytelling starts with knowing yours so you are concisely and consistently communicating in the way your clients and prospects want/need to hear. If they connect with the story, they’ll be more likely to share with their own team, friends, and professional network.

Ask yourself, “Why should they love it?”

Give Your Story a “Home”

To share your story in our digital world, it must live online. A “home” can be your website, blog or sales tools. Then share, share, share.

Here’s where our story lives:

  • We leverage marketing automation to take prospects on an email journey, dripping content/stories/case studies on an intentional path.
  • We get social. You’ll find our story on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest.
  • We talk, a lot! We participate in speaking engagements, especially at conferences/expos/associations that our clients/prospects are attending.
  • We make headlines. We leverage Public Relations to share our story in local, editorial and trade publications.
  • We use online advertising to get new eyes (and ears) on our website.
  • We do a lot of other fun stuff: Webinars, blogs, podcasts, etc.

No One Wants to Be Sold

Today’s selling is about knowing your audience, targeting them with content that addresses their pain points, positioning you as an expert, and building trust over time.

Ping me if you are seeking more – I’d love to tell you our story and share a few of our clients’.

xoxo – Jules

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Julie Poulos, RC Vice President, better known as Vice Princess, Mistress of Marketing or Social Butterfly is passionate about sharing her love for marketing + technology with anyone who is looking to move the needle in their business! She freely shares her successes and failures as she is driven to help others solve problems. Why recreate the wheel when you can “Just ask Julie!” She is an engaging speaker - contact her for your next event! Connect with Julie on LinkedIn.

  • Danny Gould

    Very interesting stuff. As a teacher/writer, I can appreciate a quality story, and as a consumer, when I purchase a product/service, I do care very deeply about the company’s story, and often find myself gravitating towards company’s with more “inspired” stories.

    • Julie Poulos

      Thank you Danny for sharing your feedback. It is so true that when purchasing often we connect with a story – even when we might not realize it. This holds true be it B2C or B2B. We personally have found that when we share our stories of our journey in developing a solid corporate culture has been a huge differentiator in the clients we attract and ultimately work with. Additionally we have found great success in telling stories for us (and our clients) that prospects can identify with on challenges solved. Your name is so familiar, how did you find us? Thanks for sharing – Julie