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Business Profile – A Tool to Market Smarter

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There are many reasons to start investing in marketing. We are most often approached because someone is in need of a brand makeover or an update to their website. Our conversation always starts with what are your goals? Most often the initial response is to generate brand awareness. But the ultimate goal is to retain and grow current business as well as increase the number of new clients.

Have you heard the old saying that the body replaces itself every seven years? Well that is essentially the same for a business. Before we begin developing a brand or a plan we need to understand the landscape of your business. Although this is a tool that helps us, several of our clients have shared that it also helps them frame their thoughts around what their truest need for marketing is. The questions we ask are:

  • How is your company perceived in the marketplace?
  • What is the financial landscape of your customers?
  • Where are the areas of opportunity?
  • What do you think you know about your prospect and client pain points?
  • What remains an “unknown” in the decision making process?

The thing is, there’s a lot that goes into building an effective plan. Understanding the business outlook goes a long way when aligning marketing efforts with your sales goals.

To better understand your needs, we’ve  developed an information organization tool. Consider the Business Profile a sales and marketing exercise to build muscle in your business!

It’s going to help you start thinking about your sales and marketing goals. Plus, it will help you digest what a realistic investment is for your business.

Simply click here to download our Business Profile and start thinking about marketing strategically. Get it out of your head and onto paper to get the marketing ball rolling!

Kick the heels of the big guys, impress the little guys, and dominate your space.

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Julie Poulos
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Julie Poulos, RC Vice President, better known as Vice Princess, Mistress of Marketing or Social Butterfly is passionate about sharing her love for marketing + technology with anyone who is looking to move the needle in their business! She freely shares her successes and failures as she is driven to help others solve problems. Why recreate the wheel when you can “Just ask Julie!” She is an engaging speaker - contact her for your next event! Connect with Julie on LinkedIn.