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5 Reasons Why It Makes Sense to Outsource Your Marketing

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Hire or outsource

Does it make sense to start a marketing initiative on your own or to outsource the work to a team? There are pros and cons to both sides, but I wanted to touch on several points as to why it makes a reasonable amount of sense to pick up the assistance of a marketing team.

  1. Expertise. A great marketer might be good at a spectrum of items, including SEO, strategy, and website copy, but there’s still only so many hours in the day. It’s not saying the marketer isn’t great, but they are still only human. Outsourcing your marketing not only brings a whole staff to the table, but each individual will be highly tuned into their profession. They will be people who deal with that specific function on a regular basis and who might be willing/able to spend more time learning and keeping up with the latest trends in the industry.
  1. Financially. The national average starting salary for a marketing person (I’m generalizing this very basically and averaging different positions together) is between $39,000 and $44,000. If we cap off your budget at $100,000, you could potentially hire two people with a little bit of wiggle room for hard expenses. What if a firm hired an outside marketing firm of about 10-15 people and hired them for a full program? With some degrees of variability, the firm could expect to pay somewhere in a similar price range as they would a 2-3 person marketing staff—and they’d be getting a lot more.
  1. Relationships. In marketing, as running a business, who you know plays a big part in success. Public relations (PR) is a great example. PR is a lot of relationship management between a PR professional and various publications. Sourcing that service means that you will get access to relationships that have been built over time, and you wouldn’t have to struggle to build those relationships on your own.
  1. Technology. There are a plethora of marketing technologies available to anyone. Some require practice to master while others tend to be simply expensive. Marketing firms can more easily justify the time and money since they work with several clients already. There are many tools that work with each other in tandem, so having that time and money together makes a significant difference in the marketing efforts.
  1. Time. Above it all, augmenting that marketing aspect of your business allows you to run your company. Time is stretched thin as it is. A bigger waste of time and resources would be doing a poor job at marketing. Make sure it’s done properly without having to worry about taking care of all the nitty gritty yourself.

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